Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A flurry of local arts activity to start the year! An update from Kylie

Emerging artists Alison Plevey and Adam Deusien are currently working together on Synthesis a new project developed with the assistance of Regional Arts Fund through Arts OutWest and Local Stages at BMEC. They have just completed some workshops which went really well. Alison and Adam are now working with a cast of 9 to develop their new physical theatre/dance work - which will be performed in early May. They are also looking at performing a section of the work at Catapult Festival at the end of March, and possibly taking some of the young dancers to the Australian Dance Festival in Gosford in April. So exciting to see young regional dancers have an opportunity to work with these exciting emerging artists.
Alison has let us share her journal over the last few weeks – here are some of her entries:

"Really enjoyed 2nd day, it is amazing to share with each other our practices and uncover the similarities and differences within them. Adam is such an inspired and intelligent artist, which motivates me to really engage with him and his interests as well as conjure my own ideas"

"Taking two roles, training Adam and being trained, helps me to reconnect with my artistic background as well as allowing the freedom to receive new information and test new approaches to performance and creation. It is interesting to notice my reactions to these new creative methods and physical challenges that are foreign to me. Soaking it all in."

"After a wonderfully engerised and rewarding weekend of community workshops and audition, Adam and I, with our group of 9 young performers, began the creative development phase of synthesis. Eagerly jumping into some further training in dance technique and physical theatre as well as giving the performers an introduction to the creative processes that Adam and I have explored during our lab. Working towards a shared understanding of training and creative practice that can form a foundation for our creative process over the next few months. We have coined this shared understanding as the "toolbox" to which we and the performers can continue to add to and draw from."

Pic from workshop

Becky Russell is currently working on (well everything!) but particularly with Nicole Henriksen on her new show Technicolour Sarcasm, which will be performed at the Ponton Theatre on 22 February (O-Week at CSU). Nicole made quite an impression at the last Cabaret Kite. (some of the audience loved her, while others where not so sure). Nicole’s sense of humour is quirky and not for the faint hearted! javascript:void(0)
Performances at Cabaret Kite also included Michelle Griffin trying out some pieces from a new show she is working on – since that showing the script has had some more work, and is looking good for performances in March. Cabaret Kite is a wonderful opportunity for local artists to try out new work, and for local audiences to support the array of exciting talent in the region. Cabaret Kite will continue in 2012. The next one will be mid year – look out for more information coming soon.
Images from Glam Rock Cabaret Kite December 2011 are now on facebook..

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