Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Phil's look at Feb and The Sand Dwellers

We are approaching the end of another month at BMEC and with it the beginning of the next and our second season show for the year.

Local play The Sand Dwellers has been a significant part of our lives in the last few weeks as this technical giants has been growing and growing on stage.
Looking at the set today it is completely unrecognisable from its makeshift counterpart that I witnessed at its preview a few months ago.

What was before a modest bookshelf holding a handful of videotape props now towers over the stage reaching the lighting bar. There are TV ‘s scattered everywhere all of which are hooked up together (I know a bit about plugging in TV’s and I have no idea how they are doing it) displaying various scenes and logos.

Personally I have only seen the few scenes of the show at the preview in November and read bits and pieces of the script but already I find myself looking forward to seeing what is going to happen to this cast of colourful characters (some more dubious than others)

WIN TV were in this morning to interview The Sand Dwellers writer Kay Nankervis as well as the character John Dunn, and shoot a scene or two which will hopefully be airing on WIN news very soon.

I managed to capture some footage with the trusty BMEC Flipcam and although my cameraman skills leave something to be desired, it does give you a bit of a behind the scenes peek.

And WIN also managed to catch a breif interview with the very busy CEO of network 8 John Dunn

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